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Motorola SKN6378A Micro USB Data Cable

Motorola SKN6378A Micro USB Data Cable

Motorola Data Cables allows the user to connect a wireless phone to a modem, enabling access to the internet, e-mail or fax. Just connect the cable to your laptop, desktop, or PDA. Install the software and make your connection. (Replacement cables only - additional software required)

ECOMOTO Micro USB data cable. 3Ft long.
Compatible With:

Motorola: A1600 A45 Eco A455 A455 Rival A555 Calgary A555 Devour DROID A855 Droid A955 DROID2 Backflip MB300 Barrage V860 Brute i680 Calgary A555 Charm MB502 Cliq Cliq XT Cordova W845 Crush W835 DROID X MB810 DROID2 A955 Debut i856 Devour DROID A555 Droid A855 Eco A45 Entice W766 Evoke QA4 Grasp WX404 Halo QA4 Krave ZN4 MB300 Backflip MB502 Charm MB810 DROID X MOTO Z6c World Edition MOTO Z9 MOTOROKR E8 MOTOROKR U9 PICO MOTOSURF A3100 MOTOZINE ZN5 Milestone Moto Q9e Napoleon Moto Q9h Push WX404 QA1 Karma QA30 Hint QA4 Evoke QA4 Halo Quantico W845 RAZR2 V8 RAZR2 V9 (GSM) RAZR2 V9m RAZR2 V9x Rival A455 Stature i9 V750 Adventure V860 Barrage V950 Renegade VE20 Vegas VU30 Rapture Ve440 W766 Entice W835 Crush W845 Cordova W845 Quantico WX404 Grasp WX404 Push i1 i296 i410 i465 i576 i680 Brute i776 i856 i856 Debut i890 i9 Stature i9 Stature

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